Mocha: Setup Debug for PHPstorm+NodeJS

I like to debug PHP code with PHPStrom. It simply click "Debug Icon" and debugging process automatically catch all scripts running from console or browser and no other manipulation needed. NodeJS has another debug approach and it different from PHP, also, it is much complicated. You should setup debugging for every a file or a... » read more

How to install ionCube on PHP 5.6 with PHPBrew

I show how to install ionCube on PHP 5.6 but in other case there is no difference and only version of PHP should be changed in command. Install required PHP version without -debug mode, ionCube does not support it $ phpbrew install php-5.6.40 +default +mysql +pdo +fpm +gd +gettext +iconv +intl -debug -openssl Use needable... » read more

Magento 2 Multi website In my localhost, I have two domains named Both these websites pointing to same the path /var/www/html/magento/2.2.x/2.2.5 Let’s do this practice, you need to follow steps by step: Step 1: Add a new Root Category Log into the backend and navigate to the Catalog → Catalog → Categories → Add Root Category... » read more

Magento 2 модулі не відображаються в адмінці

Якщо після цих команд, модулі так і не появилися в налаштуваннях php bin/magento setup:upgrade php bin/magento setup:di:compile php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f uk_UA en_US php bin/magento indexer:reindex php bin/magento cache:flush Потрібно спробувати почистити zend opcache: opcache_reset()

Linux: Create shortcut icon on Desktop and in Menu

We will add shortcut icon for Navicat. Run next commands: $ cd /usr/share/applications $ sudo touch navicat.desktop $ sudo vim navicat.desktop [Desktop Entry] Name=Navicat Comment=Navicat Premium Exec=/home/popov/Soft/navicat121_premium_en_x64/start_navicat Icon=/home/popov/Soft/navicat121_premium_en_x64/navicat.ico Terminal=false StartupNotify=true Type=Application Categories=Development; Check you shortcut with desktop-file-validate. Fix errors if they are presented. $ desktop-file-validate navicat.desktop Create shortcut icon on Desktop and in Menu $... » read more

PHPStorm: How to debug TypeScript

Some time ago, I’ve started to work with Node.JS and its TypeScript. No one serious project get around without debugging. I work with PHPStorm many years, so there were no needs to search another IDE for Node.js, such as PHPStorm has natively support for Node.JS. That sounds great but a debugging approach is slightly different... » read more

Setup Sitemap.xml in Magento 1 multistore

General information While Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform there are some drawbacks which you should do manually on every new site. For example, we cannot configure one sitemap.xml for one store with different store views, these should be three different files. It brings some misunderstanding how all should work together.

React: Local state management with Apollo

Базовими речами в React є props та state, це ключові моменти, які потрібно зрозуміти і розібрати. З props все абсолютно просто – в них передаємо дані на основі яких компоненти промальовуються. Props – це просто контейнер для зберігання даних на рівні компоненту, якщо змінити дані в props, то з компонентом нічого не відбудеться. Геть інша... » read more