Magento translation

Magento has three different methods how to add translation: inline translation theme translation module translation Often it is difficult to choose the correct method, There are different ways to achieve translation in Magento so you can find multiple directory containing static csv files and also a database table. All the modes have the same structure:... » read more

Magmi: How to import images to Magento

Magmi allows to import images to Magento, use Image attributes processor for this task. What can do Magmi Image attributes processor: import images, small images, thumbnails and media gallery; import image from both, local path and URLs; include/exclude images for the product; re-name image by pattern; attach labels to images; Base image columns image small_image... » read more

How to install Magmi

Magmi is simple but yet powerful tool which allows to import products in Mangento store in seconds. It has separate interface and can work with native Magento configuration. In the article it will be described how to install Magmi using composer. The latest version of Magmi not been released, so we need to add next... » read more

How to forward Nginx incoming request to Docker container port

Some time ago we decided fully migrate projects on one our server to Docker. There was no problem write Dockerfile according to each project, but we don’t know how to make Docker container accessible by domain. Supposed, we have next configuration in docker-compose.yml: version: '3.7' services: ... webserver: image: nginx:1.16 restart: unless-stopped ports: - "8080:80"... » read more

Sinon assert vs Chai assert

Main idea One day I was covering my code with tests and take note that Sinon also has an assertion as Chai has. I investigated it a little deeper and looked like it makes sense to use Sinon instead of Chai in some cases. Implementation The example of the test is based on class which... » read more

How to test AWS Lambda function

If you as me and want to test some new feature on AWS but don’t have a time to read the tons of documentation. That time I wanted to test a Lambda function which I created on AWS, but what to do next with it I didn’t know. I suggest a short instruction with quick... » read more

Debug your PHP code on Remote Linux server using PHPStorm and xDebug with its port forwarding through SSH

One e-commerce site had a very strange issue, it stop working as expected after cache cleaning. This issue appeared only on production server and couldn’t be reproduced on local machine. So there wasn’t another solution how debug problem directly on the server. It’s really important to closely check all configuration because one little mistake and... » read more