PHPStorm: How to debug TypeScript

Some time ago, I’ve started to work with Node.JS and its TypeScript. No one serious project get around without debugging. I work with PHPStorm many years, so there were no needs to search another IDE for Node.js, such as PHPStorm has natively support for Node.JS. That sounds great but a debugging approach is slightly different... » read more

MySQL. Корисні запити

Замінити значення у всіх таблицях одним запитом SELECT CONCAT('UPDATE ', table_schema, '.', table_name, ' SET ', column_name, '=REPLACE(', column_name, ',''glutamine.'',''l-glutamine.'');') FROM information_schema. COLUMNS WHERE table_schema IN ('your_database_name') -- AND table_name NOT IN ('table_name') -- exclude table names AND ( column_type LIKE 'char(%' OR column_type LIKE 'varchar(%' OR column_type LIKE '%text' );