How to install Magmi

Magmi is simple but yet powerful tool which allows to import products in Mangento store in seconds. It has separate interface and can work with native Magento configuration. In the article it will be described how to install Magmi using composer. The latest version of Magmi not been released, so we need to add next... » read more

Sinon assert vs Chai assert

Main idea One day I was covering my code with tests and take note that Sinon also has an assertion as Chai has. I investigated it a little deeper and looked like it makes sense to use Sinon instead of Chai in some cases. Implementation The example of the test is based on class which... » read more

PHPStorm: How to debug TypeScript

Some time ago, I’ve started to work with Node.JS and its TypeScript. No one serious project get around without debugging. I work with PHPStorm many years, so there were no needs to search another IDE for Node.js, such as PHPStorm has natively support for Node.JS. That sounds great but a debugging approach is slightly different... » read more

MySQL. Корисні запити

Замінити значення у всіх таблицях одним запитом SELECT CONCAT('UPDATE ', table_schema, '.', table_name, ' SET ', column_name, '=REPLACE(', column_name, ',''glutamine.'',''l-glutamine.'');') FROM information_schema. COLUMNS WHERE table_schema IN ('your_database_name') -- AND table_name NOT IN ('table_name') -- exclude table names AND ( column_type LIKE 'char(%' OR column_type LIKE 'varchar(%' OR column_type LIKE '%text' );