Setting Up MongoDB driver For custom PHP build

Suppose you have custom PHP installed in /web/php-5.4 and you want compile some PHP extension. It is very simple!  Download needed extension source. For me this is Mongo extension. I will be download package with git clone but it does not matter. You can download tar.gz archive and unzip its. If the repository is in git... » read more

Add new MongoDB user

Suppose, your have site with Mongo and you want user can connect to this with login and password. Step 1. Enable authentication in /etc/mongodb.conf auth=true Step 2. Create the system user administrator. Connect to mongo and execute next command: $ mongo   db.createUser(   {     user: "admin",     pwd: "yourSuperPass",     roles: [ { role: "userAdminAnyDatabase", db: "admin"... » read more